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Memory and CPU usage increase when saving and when working on model

Hello I m having problems with a model quickly raising my memory on my pc while also spiking my cpu usage as well. It ends up going dangerously high to the point of where my computer locks up. I cant even save without it happening at this point.
Sometimes it just crashes. Not sure what to do anymore.

- Live2D Software Version: Cubism Editor 4.1.05
- OS & Version: Windows 10 64bit
- PC Model: Syber Cube Elite 300
- Graphics Specifications: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070
- CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i9 9900
- Memory: 16GB


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    Hello, @SweetieElise
    Thank you for your contact.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Is the situation the same when you open the official sample model?
    sample model:

    Please delete the following configuration folder and check the behavior of the Editor.
    C:\Users\{User name}\AppData\Roaming\Live2D\Cubism4_Editor

    We appreciate your cooperation
    Thank you.
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    At first it was helping but it went back to doing the same thing but more frequently..
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    Hi, @SweetieElise
    thank you for your check!

    You said that the problem started to occur after it was in effect, could you please tell me what operations you performed before the problem occurred?

    Could you provide the log files?
    【How to get the log file】
    Open Cubism Editor/Viewer, click [Help] in the menu at the top of the screen, and then click [Open Log File] to open the log file and attach it.

    Also, if you can provide a screen recording that would confirm the problem, please attach it.
    If you don't want the data to be public, please send it via DM.

    [How to send a direct message]
    Click on my name, "kudo(Staff)".
    My profile screen will open. Click on [Message] in the top right corner.
    The message sending screen opens.
    Click on the icon [Attach file] and select the file.
    Click [Post Message] to send the message.
    (Please compress the file. If the file is too large to be attached, use an upload site or similar)

    We appreciate your cooperation
    Thank you.
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    edited February 2023


    Did you fix it yet? I have the same problem, the model is up to 5gb ram when I do any action, when I open the app it's 1 gb, even though I haven't entered the file it is still 1gb. But then I open it again it becomes 2gb, open again it becomes 3gb. The file gets heavier with each opening even though I can't save anything new! very strange! Model quickly raising my RAM to 5gb on my pc while also spiking my cpu usage 100% when i do any action after open it. It ends up going dangerously high to the point of where my computer locks up.

    I have also delete l2d n reinstall it, but can't fix.

    Everything started to error like this from the moment I opened the backup file and continued. And then it not save any backup.

    Then it show java lang head space error, but i can still play heavy game like Genshin n vrchat in same time.

    My laptop is icore7 n 8GB RAM, free 4GB RAM, Virtual Memory is 30GB but L2D doesn't use it.

    My log


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