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Clipping Layers Bleeding Through.


I'm hoping I can get some help with this... I'm very new to Live2D and cannot seem to find any other threads healping with this issue.

I am trying to get clipping on the eyes so that the pupil doesn't show outside of the eye white. I am doing this by selecting the eye white, grabbing the part ID, and then pasting that into the Clipping ID section on the pupil. Whenever this happens it seems that it opens up a hole and brings the face layer through everything above it even though the draw order is set correctly. I've tried clipping with other parts of hte model but can't seem to find any other part with this problem.

Here is what it's normally supposed to look like (without clipping turned on)

And here it is when clipping is enabled. The bleeding area is isolated and moves with the eye white layer, but not the pupil. This is the exact same on both the right and left sides.

System Specs:

Live2D version 4.1.05 (trial version for now)
OS - Windows 10.0.19044 Buikd 19044
GPU - RTX 3080ti
CPU - Ryzen 9 5900x
Ram - 32Gb
Illustrator - Photoshop

Any help is appreciated!


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