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[Bug] Linked parameters are not always correctly displayed under "Parameter" tab

When creating keyforms for an art mesh using one parameter and then linking / combining the parameter to another one the "Parameter" tab correctly shows the state as in after_creation.png (second image).
When switching to an art mesh that has keyforms for both parameters the keyform display changes.
Switching back to the first art mesh does not show the correct display, e.g. dotted and colored lines, anymore but stays in the current state (first image).

  1. Create two art meshes (mesh 1, mesh 2)
  2. Create two parameters (param 1, param 2)
  3. Create keyforms for mesh 1 for param 1 and 2
  4. Create keyforms for mesh 2 for param 1 only
  5. Select mesh 2
  6. Link / combine param 1 and 2 (looks like after_creation.png)
  7. Now select mesh 1
  8. Now select mesh 2 (looks like after_switching.png)
  9. The "Parameter" tab now shows no sign of the art mesh 2 having keyforms on param 1
Tested in Cubism 4.1.04 and 4.1.05 on Windows 10.


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