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[BUG] Sticky Physics

Using Live2D Cubism Editor 4.1.01 on Windows 10.

When using the physics window under certain conditions the physics pendulums can get stuck near origin. This behaviour is much less pronounced if FPS is below 30, but still exists. If this is intentional, please add a way to disable this behaviour in the model version.

Attached is an example.


  • Hello, @pettankon
    Thank you for your contact.
    This is Live2D Support.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    I was able to successfully reproduce the symptoms.
    I shared this behavior with the developers.
    It will be fixed in a future update.

    Thank you very much!
  • Using Live2D Cubism Editor ver4.2.01 on Windows 10.

    I am updating with another example of physics issues including a .cmo3 file that might help find the bug. My best guess is large epsilon values, but I can't test this theory.

    What to look for:
    1) The pendulum is stuck to the origin
    2) The pendulum "kicks" when returning instead of resting at the origin

    The attached zip file contains the very simple file used to create the video above.
  • I am updating with some information about the cause and mitigation of this issue.

    1 ) This issue seems to only occur when PositionX range is non-zero and it only occurs within this range.

    2 ) This issue can occur even when angled.

    If you encounter this bug you can:

    A ) Use a more extreme Angle range (-180 to 180) and reduce the Effectiveness in the Output Settings tab. This may make the pendulum flip which might be undesirable.

    B ) Offset the PositionX to avoid the origin. This may still stick if a point crosses the origin.

    C ) Reduce the range of PositionX to zero if it's not needed.
  • @pettankon

    Thank you for your continued use of our product.
    Thank you for providing detailed information.
    We have shared it with our developers.
    We will take this into consideration.

    Thank you!
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