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Help with blinking! eyeOpen & eyeball x y not syncing

I hope i'm right here because I'm completely lost! i was following a youtube tutorial on how to do eye blinking and everything seemed fine until i tried my model out in the viewer and noticed that the eyeball isnt dissappearing with the blink when i look in any direction! it works totally fine when in neutral but how can i fix this?? i followed the tutorial to the smallest detail cuz im a total beginner with live2d but still it wont work for me :( can i somehow sync the eyeball movement with the closing or something? or copy the closing to all directions? i dont wanna do it all manually if its not necessary and want it to look uniform. Please help and explain it to me like I'm a total noob and dummy (cuz i am lol). I tried reddit and all kinds of googling/yt tutorials but i just cant find a solution :(
Thank you sooo much!!!


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    That's really weird. When i followed a tutorial i took the eye white, added keyframes on eye open and close, dragged the mesh of the eye to be hidden and it worked.

    Maybe you didnt use a clipping mask?

    To make something clip with something, simply copy the ID of the object you want to clip something to and paste it into the 'Clipping Id' of the object you want clipped.

    If that doesnt work, where you do have the keyframes set for the eyeball and eyewhite?

    Hope i helped!
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