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I open .cmo3 but nothing shown up

edited May 2021 in Help
So last night I was working on my file and the file work normally nothing error but today I open my .cmo3 file and nothing shown up! I'm so nervous and this is the log said
How can I fix it? I don't want to do my whole model again...


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    Thank you so much! I don't know that auto backup exits
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    Hello @MIZUmoi
    Thank you for reaching out.

    Deleting the Cubism Editor configuration file may improve this problem.
    Try the following steps.

    1.Save the full log file.
    Open the log file from the Help menu, copy the log.txt file, and save it to another location, such as your desktop.

    2.Save an automatic backup file.
    Open the Auto Backup Folder from the "Open Auto Backup Folder" in the Help menu, copy the file and save it to another location such as the desktop.

    3.Delete the configuration file.
    Move the "Live2D" folder from this location to your desktop (move, not copy).

    4.Launch Cubism Editor and see if you can open the cmo3 file.
    Once the files have been loaded without any problems, you can delete the "Live2D" folder that has been moved to the desktop.
    Keep the log file and the backup file for a while, as you will need them if you encounter any problems with Cubism Editor in the future.

    If this procedure does not solve the problem, please provide all of the following information.
    - Live2D Software Version: (e.g. Cubism Editor 4.0.01)
    - OS & Version: (e.g. Windows 10, macOS HighSierra)
    - PC Model: (e.g. MacBookPro 2017)
    - Graphics Specifications: (e.g. GeForce GTX 950M)
    - CPU: (e.g. Intel Core i7-7700)
    - Memory: (e.g. 8GB)
    - Illustration Software used: (e.g. Photoshop, ClipStudio, SAI)

    Upload the file to an upload site, etc. and paste the URL.
    - Log file (log.txt)
    - cmo3 file
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