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Please help me reactivate my license...

edited June 2016 in Help
I have e-mailed Live2D support two times via e-mail and contact form and I have yet to not receiving any response for 48 hours...such a service for your paying customer.
I need help to reactivate my PRO license because of a harddrive replacement. I have deactivated my license on my old drive, yet Live2D still won't accept my license on new drive ("Rehostable hostid exists -153"...I wish the message would be more user friendly so I have idea what's the cause.).

I need prompt response as I'm in middle of a project and I've been putting it on hold for way too long to wait any representative from Live2D to answer my e-mail. Is it because it's weekend? Should I expect for my ticket to be answered on Monday?

Thank you in advance.


  • edited June 2016
    Nevermind, I fixed it myself. You'll only need to delete some directory that were a leftover from previous installation (in my case it wasn't deleted because I'm restoring my system from a backup image with Live2D installed) and now Cubism would accept my key.

    I love Live2D as a software and company but please invest for more better customer support in the future, thank you..!
  • Dear Ran_TH,

    I'm Dai, who is in charge of customer service.

    I apologize for our very delayed response. We know how frustrated it is that you cannot access a service you purchased. We are revising the way of our user support to provide the best service to our customers.

    I'm sorry for the trouble and thank you for your patience.

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