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draw order auto set?

Live2D Cubism Editor 3.2
Is there a feature that automatically sets the draw order?
Now I have to set 1000, 990, 980... It will take some time
because if I put PSD in
always 500

Live2D Cubism Editor 2.0
Just throw the PSD in and it's automatically set


  • edited June 2018
    Hi @anzelo

    In Cubism 3, even though all the layer has same number,
    but it still respect the order of the layer:

    Head Folder
    ├Object 1 [Layer Order 500]
    ├Object 2 [Layer Order 500]
    └Object 3 [Layer Order 500]
    └Object 4 [Layer Order 501]

    In this case, upper Layer Order will appear on the top [same as Photoshop layering system]
    It will appear like this order

    -Object 4
    -Object 1
    -Object 2
    -Object 3

    So, you not really need to change it manually.

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