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Can't switch amongs .mtn in TyranoBuilder

edited April 2018 in Help
Hi, hello everyone.

First, after learned how to use Live2D and follow the steps and sucessfully load the right .json (using SDK 1.0/2.0 to export the .moc file) on TyranoBuilder, I got this problem:

All my three .mtn motion files load fine after added the right .json on Tyrano but when I try to switch among the .mtn files to check if they are OK, Tyrano just shows and animates the first one made with Animator in an infinte loop.

Don't matter how much I click on other .mtn files, Tyrano just animates the first one, even when I tried to change in the L2D component field to another motion file the issue still. If I check the loop box the animation freezes forever.

Load the same .mtn files on Viewer to check if I have saved the same animation 3 times, but they worked fine there.

I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or it's an issue with TB or L2D.

Second question: In the model sample Nasuka, its .mtn files are in a 'motion' folder, textures are a folder called nasuka, how to save my files like that ???

Because when I load nasuka model .json on Tyrano I can change among the .mtn files and maybe this can help me.

Here is the link on Tyrano site if you want to see what I mean:

Thanks for any help.


  • Update:

    Before dragging them onto Viewer I've put all files in a folder named motions, exported the model.json and loaded it on Tyrano and this happened:

    First .mtn becomes the idle motion automatically and I can change among the motions now, then I set the idle motion to be the one I want to.

    BUT...everytime I add L2D character in the game it first plays one of the motions in backwards (?) then plays the idle motion, keeps happening just with my files, still not getting this issues using the samples from Tyrano and L2D sites. :/

    Anyone having a similar problem ?

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