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Ask about multiple characters and clothes

edited January 2018 in Help
Greetings, I am new using the program and I have many doubts, the first question is this: I just created a character in live2D It took me a little time but it works perfectly and is ready to animate, the question is: if there is any way to automate This modeling process of the character, since my other characters are similar and I want to apply the same parameters of my model already created to the new characters or do I have to do the process with each of them? (I already use the Template, but discard it since it does not fit my character)
In the same way, I wanted to know what is the most appropriate way to change a character's clothes, what I had in mind was to model the character with the different clothes already put on and lower the transparency (This works for me, but only if my character has few types of clothes, the problem arises if there are several garments, etc.).
Well, I hope you can answer me, regards.
PS I'm sorry for my English


  • 1. Regarding mass - producing models

    You can use your own model as template when official templates doesn't fit your character. Besides using templates, switching textures can be used for making several models in a short time.

    【How to use the method】
    1. Make a model first.
    2. Edit layer of imported PSD.
    3. Import the PSD again.

    With this method, another artmeshes can be placed on the same position. However, if a re-imported texture is bigger than the original artmesh, polygons needs to be added.

    2. Regarding switching clothes

    There are several ways to change clothes depending on what format of models you are using. If you'd like to use the model on real time, models need to be created exported for each cloth. For animation use, each cloth needs to be created as parts. You can control them by switching it on Animator.

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