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Eyes and mouth of the Live2D model remained open.

Unity 2017.3.0 f 3
Cubism 3.1 SDK for Unity
We are using.

In the following procedure we set automatic blinking and lip sync.

Automatic blink setting

Lip sync setting

It worked correctly for a while.
But when I noticed the eyes and mouth of the Live2D model remained open.
I think it was about 30 minutes to an hour, but it may be related to rebooting the development environment and so on.

If we delete CubismEyeBlinkController and CubismMouthController from the Inspector and add them again with Add Component, the eyes and mouth will again open and close as expected.

However, in order to do this automatically, we did not add component on Inspector,
This is not improved if we add components in the script. The eyes and mouth of the Live2D model will remain open. The script is as follows.

CubismEyeBlinkController = gameObject.AddComponent ();
CubismEyeBlinkController.BlendMode = CubismParameterBlendMode.Override;

CubismAutoEyeBlinkInput = gameObject.AddComponent ();
CubismAutoEyeBlinkInput.Mean = 4;
CubismAutoEyeBlinkInput.MaximumDeviation = 2;

CubismMouthController = gameObject.AddComponent ();
CubismMouthController.BlendMode = CubismParameterBlendMode.Override;

CubismAudioMouthInput = gameObject.AddComponent ();
CubismAudioMouthInput.AudioInput = gameObject.GetComponent ();
CubismAudioMouthInput.Gain = 10;
CubismAudioMouthInput.Smoothing = 1.0 f;

Does anyone know the cause of this?
Also, how have you been solved?


  • Sorry. I have to use HTML for <> .
    Preview is not work...=(
    CubismEyeBlinkController = gameObject.AddComponent<CubismEyeBlinkController>();
    CubismEyeBlinkController.BlendMode = CubismParameterBlendMode.Override;

    CubismAutoEyeBlinkInput = gameObject.AddComponent<CubismAutoEyeBlinkInput>();
    CubismAutoEyeBlinkInput.Mean = 4;
    CubismAutoEyeBlinkInput.MaximumDeviation = 2;

    CubismMouthController = gameObject.AddComponent<CubismMouthController>();
    CubismMouthController.BlendMode = CubismParameterBlendMode.Override;

    CubismAudioMouthInput = gameObject.AddComponent<CubismAudioMouthInput>();
    CubismAudioMouthInput.AudioInput = gameObject.GetComponent<AudioSource>();
    CubismAudioMouthInput.Gain = 10;
    CubismAudioMouthInput.Smoothing = 1.0f;
  • I repeated attaching and detaching CubismEyeBlinkController, CubismAutoEyeBlinkInput, CubismMouthController, CubismAudioMouthInput on the inspector. Then, this trouble does not occur.

    I saw several CubismEyeBlinkController and CubismMouthController being attached during this work. That may have been the cause of this trouble.

    Sorry to bother you.
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