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Unity and SDK

Hello i have follow the japanese tutorial for install unity SDK , all work i can see my character but i got a problem

Unfinite line of :

IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range.
live2d.Euclid.SDKUnity.Graphics.TilePool.AllocateTile (Single threshold, Int32 meshIndex, Vector4 bounds)
live2d.Euclid.SDKUnity.Graphics.TilePool.AcquireTile (Int32 meshIndex)
live2d.Euclid.SDKUnity.Graphics.MaskRenderer.Render ()
live2d.Euclid.EuclidModelBackend.Rendering (Single angleX, Single angleY)
live2d.Euclid.EuclidCameraBackend.LateUpdateEuclidModelParameter (Vector3 cameraPos)
EuclidCamera.LateUpdate () (at Assets/Euclid SDK/EuclidCamera.cs:61)

Can you help me plz

I try on unity 5.6 and unity 2017 same problem



  • Nobody can help me ?

  • Hi,

    This error occurs because of shortage of tiles in mask buffer.
    You can avoid this issue by enlarging the number of "Mask Divider" in Inspector to increase tiles.

    The following is a way of how to see if there are enough tiles in mask buffer.

    1. Choose "Window" > "Frame Debugger" in menu bar in Unity.
    2. Push "Enable" button of Frame Debugger while playing Scene.
    3. After a list of Frames will be shown in Frame Debugger, choose the raw of "EuclidMaskCommandBuffer"
    4. Check there is any space in mask buffer displayed in Game View.


  • Yes thanks i resolve all errors, but i m block cause i have some animation create on and want use them for my character but it s not work. Samples animation from live2D works but not mine i don t know how use my animation with your character

    Do you know thanks
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