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Creating models(cubism 3 version)

edited May 2017 in Help
I have a question why you changed the way of rendering models from one mesh to a mesh for each part of the body, because creating a game object is quite a costly action in the Unity, and now for example to change the character you need not just load a new texture and moc file, but create each part of model as when importing to a Unity, or create a game object from the created prefab, which also requires each time to create a new game object and destroy old one. Pool of objects now seems like a waste of time and can't be using in this solution now.


  • Hi,

    The person in charge of this topic is taking holidays. He will answer soon after coming back. I'm sorry for your inconvenience.

  • He has not returned from holidays yet?
    I think about solution with creating objects pool of models parts, and create each model interactive from pool, and take and returns parts of models, but want hear you person opinion
  • Hi,

    Please excuse for not getting back to you earlier. As you're pointing out, object pooling doesn't work anymore. The change was motivated to allow better Unity integration including using builtin render and animation functionalities. In prototype stage the new approach was already evaluated in real-world applications and proved to scale well. I hope this somehow explains the motivation.

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