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Rehostable hostid exists (-153)

My computer is on Windows 10, and it ran an important/major update a day ago. Now, Cubism doesn't work for me. It would lead me to the Pro/Trial/Free version pop up, and when I tried to re-enter my license, it would say "Rehostable hostid exists (-153)". It was on 2.1.11 or something this morning, so I tried to uninstall and try it again (now on 2.1.13) but it still gives me the same error. Then, I tried to uninstall it again, delete the /AppData/Roaming/Cybernoids/ folder, and also any lingering Live2D folders in Program Files. Restarted computer, installed 2.1.13, but still giving the same error when I enter in my license.

I don't really know where else to look for any hiding Live2D files/folders. :/


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