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How to edit SimpleApp1 or Demo

hi i'm kinda like a newbie in unity and codes, i followed the steps of the Live2D manual and imported my own model to unity in the Sample file that's in the Demo folder, the problem is that it only follows the mouse but don't do motions by clicking or swiping, so i searched and seems like every body use the SimpleApp1 but i don't find a way to put my model there, delete the others and add my motions, basically i want that my model to move with a few idle animations and play animations by clicking or swiping in determinated areas, with a button to turn on/off a watermark.

if there are a way to create an script in the Sample file of the Demo folder or a way to do it in the SimpleApp1 let me know please



  • i figured out how to import my model to SimpleApp1 but i'm having problems with the idle animations, i want that the idles stop when you click and move to mouse, i want that when the model is following the mouse, it doesn't play any animation.
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