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Glue tutorial Cubism 3

Hey guys, congratulations on the big launch!

I couldn't find a tutorial on how to use the new glue tool in Cubism 3, is there any available? In Japanese would be fine too, I can use google translate.

I tried figuring out how to work with it trough the brief video footage during the interview, but since the entire UI is different too, it's a bit hard to work out from the get go.



  • Hey Aida, thank you.

    I made quick and dirty video tutorial about how to apply the glue.
    before you start, you need to show "tool Details panel" in order to set the adjustment on glue or polygon itself.

    Basically There is 2 method to glue/bind polygon:

    Method 1:
    1. Select 2 polygon,
    2. Click edit texture [ctrl+e],
    3. Select the area you want to glue.
    4. Click glue button to bind it [ctrl+g],
    5. After that click the 'glue' with yellow box to edit the strength

    Method 2: [recommended!]
    1. Select 2 polygon,
    2. Click edit texture [ctrl+e],
    3. Delete some area in between, and make a new polygon (this method is to make sure 2 polygon dot are sitting on top each others and cleaner results)
    4. Click glue button to bind it [ctrl+g],
    5. After that click the 'glue' with yellow box to edit the strength

    When you edit the glue strength,
    you can hold shift to change cursor mode from + - to - +

    Hope this help!
  • Thanks! :D I'll try this today.
  • I got it to work! Thanks :smile:

    I do hope there will be a more detailed tutorial in the future as the glue tools are still a but confusing to me.
  • Hi Aida, good to hear that!
    Could you specify which is the glue tool that confusing you most?
    I'll try to explain to you.
  • Heya,

    it's mostly these specific functions that I would like a more detailed explanation of;

  • hi Aida,
    the 4th button it should call: re-merge vertices tool
    if you use the weight tool and sometimes the vertices become separated,and this tool to make those vertices join together again.

    Hope this help! =D

  • I meant all those buttons in that row, not just the last one :p but thanks for your help!
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