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eye blinking for motion(mtn) (use multiplication)

Hi. I've been trying to use auto eye blink to motion(mtn) data but it's not working.
whenever I use the function, the eye_open goes to 1 and I don't wnat this to happen.

What I want to do is to use auto eyebilnk function only with the mtn data.
so basically I only use motion(with expressions in it) but not with exp.json file.

+ It works fine when I play motion file with expression file.
However, this way delete all the expressions that are contained in the motion file (which are changing by time)

+ already tried changing model.setParamFloat -> model.mulParamFloat in L2Deyeblink.cs
it works for motion data but affects other exp datas.

Is there a way to change motion file's setting? I want to use 'multiplication' in mtn files.
live2d viewer does not let me 'multiply' motions.

please help!


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