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Tutorial Request - Ground Up Modeler Tutorial

I am very, very new to Live2D, and I'm having a very hard time learning specifics. I've watched the tutorial videos, but they are very hard to follow, and full of info I don't need, so the actual how-to part gets buried. What I'd really love to see is a written tutorial, in plain English, instead of a video for absolute beginners. Everything from layering in Photoshop (How many layers for eyes, mouths, etc. . . ) to creating and using deformers effectively. In all of the tutorials, which seem to be video, if you want to find something specific, you have to somehow navigate a video to find it. Text would be so much easier to search for specifics.

If anyone is willing to put such a thing together, or point me at one (because none of my searches have turned up what I'm looking for) I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thanks!


  • edited May 2016
    I'm actually real new myself, I put together a gif of the layers and how they should (mostly) go, i'm not sure if it will help much because my character has different parts. But hey, i just found out something cool today, mostly because of this post. But i was checking out the live2d website, and theyve got an english and japanese one, the japanese one is probably the one you want to head over to. They've got a google translated page, so it's pretty easy to understand everything, heres the link

    And on the left of the page they've got a cool tutorial which shows you some deforming, animating, live2d stuff, it pretty much walks you through it step by step. maybe check out the forum there too, im sure people would be really responsive, but yea, hope to see you over there from now on, hope to help you with anything.

    the first gif is all the parts together, second one is each part. not sure if it's going to help much, but they also have a library full of user-made characters, plus some live2d characters which you can check out, and maybe learn from. But maybe start with checking out the tutorials on that site, and head over to the forums there if you need some more help ^-^
  • Or try this link over the Google Translated one:
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