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Drag an item from one texture to another

The following feature request comes from aidawisp.


"I was curious if it is possible to add a new texture item to the existing texture map while preserving the generated layout. As explained in your tutorial video, it's easy to add a second texture map for new items. But if there is enough room on the original texture I would prefer it if I could place the new item on the same texture. It is not desired to have multiple texture maps for the same character if there is still plenty of unused space. It would be great if I could just drag the item from the second texture to the first texture in the psd import screen. I have not found a way to do this yet and could not find anything in your documentation on this topic."


  • i tried it on Modeler 2.1 (PRO) and it worked:
    1- Texture > Reposiotion texture C
    2- click the tab of the unneeded texture, click the body part you want to move, now go to the tab of the main Texture.
    3- the part will be copied to the main texture, just reposition it wherever you have empty space!
    when you're done click OK, then go to Texture list Button and delete the texture maps you don't need anymore.

  • Thanks for including a nice vid!
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