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Why do textures look blurry in the sample scene?

edited February 2016 in Help
New to Live2D, I spotted something curious in the "Motion" sample scene in SDK2.1 for Unity c#.
While the 1024 Halu is again being used in the scene, it ends up with a blurred figure in game.
The same blurriness is not spotted in other sample scenes.
Could someone please help me to it,I used the .moc & texture that I made, and it ends up with similar blurriness. Not sure if it has too low pixel value or I messed up the script.
waiting for captain to help.


  • as I swap the texture with those from other scenes,the result is clear.
    so it has to do with the texture.
    does the problem occur during exporting or drawing original art with incorrect pixel size.
  • Hi,

    I'm sorry that it took over a day to respond.
    Did the "blurriness" occur when previewing the game in the editor? Could you post a screenshot of what is happening on screen?
    I just downloaded the SDK through our website and gave the sample scene a try but failed in reproducing the behavior you're describing.
    Thanks in advance!
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