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Is it possible to open and edit a .moc file?

edited February 2016 in Help
Recently got into recoloring and doing texture edit stuff with Live2D, but I've been wanting to know If I can add onto the .moc files rather than play with the space it gives me for textures.

Is there a way to import or open up a .moc to add onto the model?

Like say I have an existing working model with textures and I want to add -oh I don't know; add more hair to it- is this possible to do with just having the .moc file?

Thanks in advanced!


  • Hello, DeltaD36 .
    As far as I know , there is no method to edit a moc file .
    I think a moc file can only be referenced in Live2D Viewer or Live2D SDK.

    If you want to add more hair to your textures,
    I'd recommend going back to Cubism Editor and re-export a new .moc file.
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