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My exported model isn't deforming in Live2d Viewer the same way it does in Modeler.

I shouldn't post the model I'm working on for certain reasons, but I've recreated the problem I've having in this simple example.

I start with a rectangle like this:

with a deformer that adjusts it into an S-sort of shape when I adjust Parameter 1:

No problems yet, when I export the .moc file and open it in Live2DViewer it looks correct:

Then I add a child deformer that's controlled by another parameter (I don't think it matters what this one does):

Everything looks like it should in Modeler. With Parameter 1 at 1 and Parameter 2 at 0, it looks just like it did earlier:

But now when I export the .moc file it looks like this with the same parameter settings:

Any ideas on what I can do to fix this? Any help would be appreciated.

I've attached a zip file containing the .cmox file and the exported .moc file.


  • Hi,

    We'll take a look into this. However, there are 2 modeling related things to note about the sample you sent. I spoke them over with one of our designers and I'm pretty sure if you take them into account you can prevent further issues in that direction. Unfortunately the English documentation is thin and auto-translated so not very useful... and please excuse me in case you're already aware of those 2 things.

    1) If you parent a deformer to a drawable object and then make that deformer parent of another deformer, from that moment on it'll affect the deformer only and no longer the drawable object.

    2) Although it's intuitive to make a deformer smaller than the drawable object in case you want to only transform parts of the object, Cubism currently can't handle such things gracefully. So even if you want to transform a small part of the model, it's better to make a deformer that encloses the whole drawable object but with enough detail to transform the parts of the model you want.

    I hope the above explanation somehow helps. If not, let me know :# .
  • I figured that first thing was true but I guess my main problem is coming from the second thing. I'd actually watched a third-party video tutorial that told me that making a deformer smaller than an object was supported as of version 2.0 but I guess that was a mistake. Looks like I'll have to redo a couple deformers so that they cover the entire object. It's still a little frustrating that I'm going to have to redo some work because Viewer apparently plays by different rules than Modeler, but thanks for the information! Knowing what I need to fix is a huge help.
  • I realized that by taking one of my deformers that was too small, giving it a child deformer of the proper size, and using "Delete deformer and pass on its parameters to child component", it was actually quite easy to fix my project. Thanks again for the help!
  • Sorry for the inconvenience, but great to hear that you got it working now :D !
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