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「QUESTION」☆Collect files in Live2D animation?

edited April 2014 in Archive
Does anyone know how to export all scene and asset on Live2D animator?

I work with my home computer and move the file into another computer,
I just copy the file and folder, but it seems the file didn’t include all the asset in animation.
so, all assets is missing and must replace one by one again.

My Question is:
how to export whole Live2D animation asset? so I can work in another computer without manually find and replace assets one by one? like ‘project files’ on sample download page.


  • I guess it's inevitable that a PC demands file path info when handing data that is prepared in a different PC...
  • I mean, is there another way to move the animation path with all assets, without manually locate file one by one? if the animation project using just 3-5 file is okay, but how about more than 50 files? its really waste of time right? :( If you ever using a Adobe After Effect, they have a menu call “Dependencies -> collect files” that's what I need, after you collect all files, they will make a folder. You just copy that folder, and you can work in another computer, don’t need to manual replace the assets one by one, really handy for mobile works.

    Alternately I guess, can you tell me how to make a downloadable content (the Data files for embedding) like the one on Sample Data page? you just download it and doesn’t require to manually locate the file right? and does it save all animation assets?

    Thank you
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