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Cubism Editor 5.1.00 beta1 is now available!

We have incorporated some of the feedback we received from those who tried the alpha version.
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Replicate Parameter should also change parameter name

At some point (I think it was the beta where Replicate Parameter was added) when you would replicate a parameter, the Artmesh ID and the name would change accordingly. However, at some point it changed and it started to only rename the Artmesh ID.
I feel like this is counteractive, as I'd say 90% of the time if I replicate a parameter, it's because I want it to follow the previous parameter's naming. Because the Artmesh ID is being changed anyway, I don't see why the name should not be as well.
For example, if you replicate Hair 1 (ParamHair1), the new parameter will become Hair 1 (ParamHair2). The ideal outcome would be that it would be renamed to Hair 2 (ParamHair2)
Once again, not sure why this was changed, but it felt like a confusing and unnecessary change to make it not auto re-name the parameter as well.


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