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《Solved》 I put script for apply motion, yet still can not apply motion. help please :)

edited August 2015 in Archive
i use this script of simple.cs and place it in script folder, but still cant apply motion in unity , could you help me please? :)
i also upload my work here


here the simple.cs script:

using UnityEngine;
using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Collections;
using live2d;

public class SimpleModel: MonoBehaviour
private Live2DModelUnity live2DModel;
private Live2DMotion motion; // motion data
private MotionQueueManager motionMgr; // モーションの再生を管理するクラス (class for running motions)

private Matrix4x4 live2DCanvasPos;

public TextAsset mocFile ;
public Texture2D[] textureFiles ;
public TextAsset motionFile; // .mtn file

void Start ()

live2DModel = Live2DModelUnity.loadModel(mocFile.bytes);

for (int i = 0; i < textureFiles.Length; i++)
live2DModel.setTexture(i, textureFiles[i]);

float modelWidth = live2DModel.getCanvasWidth();
live2DCanvasPos = Matrix4x4.Ortho(0, modelWidth, modelWidth, 0, -50.0f, 50.0f);

motionMgr = new MotionQueueManager();
motion = Live2DMotion.loadMotion(motionFile.bytes); // creates a new instance for motion control class

void OnRenderObject()
if (live2DModel == null) return;
live2DModel.setMatrix(transform.localToWorldMatrix * live2DCanvasPos);

if ( ! Application.isPlaying)

if (motionMgr.isFinished())
// Starts running a motion (unless the motion hasn’t finished playback)

motionMgr.updateParam(live2DModel); // Feed back parameter updated by a motion to model



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