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Can't put my own character on Unity, help please :)

Hi, I use Unity 4.5 on a mac
I created my own character and just create simple motion for testing and learning purposes.
I have added the "bytes" extension to moc, json and mtn files
I use the Live2D_Canvas from SDK, copied all the files and maintaining the structure.
and after I set my json to the script and run it, it says :
NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
LAppModel.loadModelData (System.String modelFile, System.String[] texFiles) (at Assets/Scripts/sample/LAppModel.cs:193)
Which was :
193. live2DModel = Live2DModelUnity.loadModel(modelMoc.bytes);
I'm not sure what I did wrong, but if I switch it to "shizuku's" json file (copied and run from my own Unity project), it worked fine. So I decided to open both Json file using Text Edit and saw a difference on the top of the file.
Mine has different path (no path at all), and also it says "type : Live2D model setting", while Shizuku does not have that.
tried re-doing, re-export, ,re-trace all the steps, but none worked, I must have overlooked or missed something.

Can anyone help?


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