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WebGL developer - licence and JavaScript question

Hi. I just signed up.

I'm (slowly) developing a Japanese maths game and wanted to add a few static characters to it as a scoring indicator. Then I started playing with Live2D and realised it would be sooo much better with dynamic characters.

So... it's HTML5, JavaScript... I've got the WebGL Beta API so will be looking to integrate it.

I've still got a few questions...

The WebGL API is still beta... at some point, it may be a while, I would like to show this off to others. I tend to use Google Drive to host as everything is client-side, no server code needed.

I've found the 'Exemption' page but was wondering if it applies to the WebGL beta API? I won't click on that yet though. Like I said, I've only just signed up and looked at the examples. Need to get something working first. It might be out of beta when I've got something to show.

I like to obfuscate my JavaScript. Package everything together as much as possible, make it hard to read and... well... steal for want of a better word. Is it acceptable to do this with the live2d.min.js. This also includes pushing it through something like 'RegPack' to really mess up the final resultant file.


  • Hi Negatron99,

    Terms and conditions related to our SDK applies to its beta version. But our SDK for WebGL should work the way it should. Please let us know if you find any bugs. As for the license exemption thing, we changed our policy, and you no longer need to submit the exemption form.

    Regarding obfuscating the library files, the terms and conditions do prohibit modification. Please see under '5.1.1 No Modifications'
  • Hi. I will be happy to let you know of any problems I have with the WebGL version. You know it's hard to see what the problem is in a ".min.js" piece of code though =_^

    As for obfuscation. It seems a shame as it is quite a well-known practice in the web-world to do this. We aren't modifying the code, the functionality, just changing the transmission. But I understand that you will have no way of knowing this if you can't see the original code.

    It shall be excluded from any automated libraries.

    I should say ... I'm not very good at reading those licences .... hence why I had to ask... Many people nowadays add a TL;DR version (or too many words can't see what I need to see) ... a few simple obvious statements ... it may help people like me.
  • Thank you Negatron99. We hear what you are saying. In the near future, we intend to make a change to this so that people like you will have more freedom including obfuscating the libraries. I appreciate sharing your thoughts. It helps us make Live2D a better tool.
  • TodTod
    edited February 2015
    My mistake. I didn't understand your question correctly.

    The terms and conditions do indeed prohibit modification, but I don't think that obfuscating in your case would be considered illegal modification.
  • That's great to hear. It'll reduce the deployment of code into a smaller piece for the end users. Thank you for getting back to me on this.
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