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If someone reads from the creators of the program, then I ask you, make the animator the way it was in version 2. In version 3 hot keys do not work (SPACE=play/stop; DELITE =delite keys). To select a key, you need to click the mouse over it a million times. That's horrible.

Why do we need green and purple lines that limit the playing area? And why are they drawn keys, if they can not be allocated? To indicate the playback area is enough orange line? Why are two extra, it's not clear.

Thank you


  • Hi,

    Thank you for your opinion. I'm surely share this with our engineers. Our future updates might be achieved based on your request.

    Thank you
  • Hi akiranime,

    I will answer base on current version [3.0.6]
    We are still improving it, so there will be a constantly new update and optimization.

    - If you want to play/stop, current default shortcut is ENTER, [but you can change it from File-> settings] while SPACE is for navigate the canvas

    - if you want to move the key, just click and move. [no need to make it look yellow]

    - To delete the keyframe, you need to highlight the keyframe first, then DELETE key will work.

    - the purple bar is your model duration length, while orange bar is play/loop area.

    Thank you for your concern and input

  • edited July 2017
    akiranime said:

    ... And why are they drawn keys, if they can not be allocated? ...
    Thank you

    HI @akiranime
    have you download version 3.0.07 yet?
    now you can move/ allocate the key on Purple and Green bar!
  • Thank you for responding to my request.
    In the attached file, my video about what does not suit me and raises questions. I think in this format it will be clearer. I apologize for my bad english.
    All this was tested in version 3.0.10 on the Cintiq 24HD tablet in Windows 7.
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