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How to Change Expression/ motion of displayed model by a button press (C# plz)

edited July 2016 in Help
I've attached the Code i've made in a Zip file, though really only The Char Select and Quiz Answers are the ones i think you should be concerned about. Also worth mentioning is that i have 2 models on the canvas in unity, and have only one of them displayed at a time.

So I'm trying to remake the TangoTango quiz From the Tumblr Tutorial. Although since it's both Outdated and doesn't explain the code very well i've tried to make the code myself. The last part I'm concerned about is making it so the character will do a certain emotion (expression and motion). Try as i might though i can't figure out how to make it do so when i make a choice Here's a screenshot what what's there so far

Could anyone help with this? I'm using The SampleApp Data from the Unity SDK, if that's worth mentioning. I can also send the data scripts if necessary, But they've gotten pretty big, so i might need to put some tag comments on them before i do that.


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