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Question: Can I get part of model and operate it as a progress bar

I'm using live2d with cocos2d-x.

Can I get part of model with a partID then operate it myself?

Say the role first has a blank progress bar. Then as player acts, the progress bar moves accordingly.
I want the progress bar part of the model, so it can acts together with the role, such as when role jumping.


  • Sorry, but I don't quite get what you mean with "operate it myself". Could you explain once more what you mean by that? Sorry for the inconvenience...
  • Thanks for your kindly reply.
    What I mean by "operate it myself", is that I can progress the bar step by step as user acts.
    See on role's chest, there's a progress bar, when user acts, the progress bar moves from 0 to another number and finally full.
  • edited July 2016
    I believe you can! I understand the issue abstractly, but I don't know any cocos2d code. I have ideas though.

    Do you have a code for making eye blinking (randomized triggering of a certain set of motions) or breathing (sine-function variation of a parameter over time)?

    If so, you can find the part of code which allows you to control parameters directly within those functions. That part of code is the key. Make the progress bar a parameter, and then control it via that code you've found - violá!

    I hope it helped!
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