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《Solved》 Issue with physics integration (DirectX Cubism SDK)

edited November 2015 in Archive

I'm working with the DirectX version of Cubism SDK. I have succeeded in loading the sample models into my application, drawing and setting values on the motion parameters. I'm now trying to integrate hair physics by loading the associated .json files.

I have used the Json class included in the SDK for parsing the file and further init a list of PhysicsHair objects. Everything seems to be initialized correctly. Every frame I'm calling the update() function on each PhysicsHair object from the list. The physics update is being called before Live2DModelD3D update.

The issue is the physics update does not change the target motion parameters at all. I tried also to set one of the target motion parameters to see if the physics will change it to another value.. and the value remains the same.

Is there anything wrong with my approach of physics integration?



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