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Unity NullReferenceException error


I am having difficulty getting a model to display in unity, i keep getting the error "NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object".
If it helps the actual model I am using is this one:
However I have added some extra motion files that all work in the live2D viewer.
I attached a screenshot so you can see if there are any problems.

Any help would be appreciated


  • Hi, Randomhuman.
    I was able to draw the Live2D model at SampleApp1.

    This problem I think extension of model.json.
    Please you to modify file extension from the Windows Explorer.

    <file extension fix>
    model.1024.model.json.bytes → model.1024.model.json

    If you do not resolve , please show me the contents of model.json .
  • Thanks
    I think the problem is fixed, removed .bytes extension from everything and it worked.

    I was previously following tutorials that instructed you to add a .bytes extension, I guess this changed at some point.

    my folder however doesn't contain the files with the .meta extension (however it seems to run normally without them), i don't know why.

    thanks for the help
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