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Live2D user has created a tutorial video(unoffilcial) in English. SEE ALSO.
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[Live2D Tutorial 2020] Introduction to Tools and Technical Concepts
"[NOTICE]" About the support for Mac models
Cubism Editor is not supported with Apple M1 processors.
Please refer to System Requirements for details.
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[INFORMATION] (06/16/2022)
Cubism Editor 4.2.00 and SDK R5 beta3 are now available!

Cubism Editor 4.2 includes many new features that expand the range of expression even further than 4.1.
Cubism SDK R5 beta3 also supports some of the new features in Cubism Editor 4.2!

[ReadMe] About Cubism Editor 4.2 alpha English

edited March 31 in Download
Hello Live2D Community!
This is the Live2D Cubism Editor development team.

The purpose of the Cubism Editor 4.2 alpha is to allow creators to evaluate the usability and performance of the new features that are planned to be included in Cubism Editor 4.2, and to reflect these evaluations to provide an even better product when the release version is released.

The English version of Cubism Editor 4.2 alpha has the same new features as the Cubism Editor 4.2 alpha released for the Japanese market.

As part of the development process, we will release the alpha version to Cubism users and move to the beta version after the specifications are finalized.
In the beta version, we work to improve the quality by fixing bugs and other issues.
After a certain period of time to confirm that the important bugs are fixed, a release version will be made available.

Please read the precautions before using Cubism Editor 4.2 alpha.

Use of Cubism Editor 4.2 alpha

Please read and agree to the Software License Agreement before downloading.
You will be deemed to have agreed to the Software License Agreement upon downloading.
The features and specifications of the alpha version are subject to change without notice.
Some functions may not be implemented, the operation may be unstable and behave unexpectedly, or the compatibility of created files may be lost due to bugs or specification changes.
The new features in Cubism Editor 4.2 are available to try for both FREE and PRO versions. The FREE version has limitations on existing features up to Cubism Editor 4.1. Please check the Compare Features chart for details.
Please contact us if you have any questions about the Cubism Editor or the manual. Translation accuracy will be improved in the beta version.

Period of use of Cubism Editor 4.2 alpha

Cubism Editor 4.2 alpha will be available for use until the end of June.
The release of the alpha version is scheduled to be stopped from the end of March to the beginning of April.

Bug Reports and Requests

To report a bug or request, please write in this category.
In the case of a bug, please be sure to write the following items. Without them, we will not be able to respond.
    • Environment and version of Cubism Editor
    • Version of Cubism Editor 4.2 alpha
    • OS version
    • CPU
    • GPU
    • RAM
    • Procedures for the bug to occur
    • What kind of bug has occurred
Please note that we may not be able to adopt all requests.

Opinions on Cubism products other than Cubism Editor 4.2 alpha

Since we would like to focus on the new features, the official Live2D staff accounts will not respond to opinions for Cubism products other than the Cubism SDK and Cubism Editor 4.2 alpha in this category.
If you need support, please contact us from another category in this community.

Upcoming Cubism Editor 4.2 Release

The beta release is scheduled for the end of April.
The period of the alpha version and the timing of the beta and release versions may vary depending on the amount of feedback we receive.

Cubism SDK

There is no alpha version for Cubism SDK 4.2. The beta version is scheduled to release at the same time as Cubism Editor 4.2 beta.
“Blend Shape” and “Multiply Color/Screen Color” will be supported in the beta version.
It is possible to create works using the alpha version, but data including the new features such as "Blend Shape" and "Multiply Color/Screen Color" cannot be exported as embedded data. We strongly recommend that you use the alpha version for the purpose of evaluating the usability and performance of the new features.


【Q】Is it okay to install both Cubism 4.1 and Cubism 4.2 alpha on the same PC?
The cache of editor settings and automatic backup folder exists separately for Cubism 4.1 and Cubism 4.2 alpha, so they do not affect each other.

【Q】Do I need a paid license to use the alpha version?
【A】No, you can try the new features planned for 4.2 without a paid license.
※ The FREE version has limitations only on existing features up to Cubism Editor 4.1.

【Q】Can I sell or use models created with Cubism Editor 4.2 alpha for work?
【A】Please refrain from selling or using the data for commercial purposes, as data compatibility will not be maintained. Please keep the use of models for personal use only.

【Q】Can I upload my works created with Cubism Editor 4.2 alpha on this server or SNS?
【A】Please feel free to share your works! We would appreciate it if you post it with the following hashtags!
【Hashtag】#Live2D #Cubism_alpha

Please take this opportunity to download the Cubism Editor 4.2 alpha version, and we look forward to your feedback.
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