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Dear Users,

Now, we are seeking users who can give us a hand with expertise to evolve our software more dynamically.
If you are willing to help us, we’d like you to make a registration for “Live2D Creators Circle” via the link below.
Designers, programmers, translators are especially welcomed so far.
(More detailed explanation will be given to you before we ask you to do tasks)



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  • Re: Price detail

    Hi Michael,

    Regarding the price of Cubism 3, you can see the pricing chart at the bottom in a link.

    If you could let me know more details about what you'd like to know, I may be able to provide more information to you.

  • Re: log errors

    I appreciate you telling me the info.

    I'm checking if there is something we could do.

  • Re: English Version of the Model Templates.


    Hi, Thank you for your inquiry.

    I'm sorry to say this, but Euclid is not publicly provided so far. We are on closed Beta test now. We are making announcement as soon as we are ready for public release.

    We appreciate your patience.
  • Re: Question about the alive-chan Illustration Contest.

    Hi StraightShota,

    Here's our answers for your question.
    Q1. Has there been any character called “alive-chan” already? Is it OK to draw “alive-chan” with my own idea from scratch?

    A1. There is no character called “alive-chan” at Live2D. We expect your very original creation to represent the characteristic of Live2D or “alive”, Live2D’s annual conference.

    Q2. Is there any necessity that the character needs to be standing towards the front?

    A2. There is no restriction at all. Illustrations in which the character takes some posture are also acceptable. We’d like to see your work which maximized the charms of your own “alive-chan”.

    Q3. Is there any disadvantage if my “alive-chan” has many features or if the character seems hard to made into Live2D model?

    A3. Our first priority to judge is how much the character represents the essence of Live2D or “alive”. Difficulty in making Live2D models is not included in our criteria.

    Q4. Should my “alive-chan” be a female character?

    A4. “alive-chan”’s age, sex, gender has not been decided. Even the character doesn’t necessarily need to be human race. You can bring any of your idea for the character!