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Cubism 3.0 feature sneak peek? ;)

I've been contemplating to buy indie PRO license of Cubism because free upgrade to 3.0 offer, but I still hesitant whether the new features in 3.0 will be worth for me or not. Because Cubism 3.0 is still to be announced in July and the offer ends at the end of May, can we at least have a sneak peek of what Cubism 3.0 will extends from 2.1?


  • Hi Ran_TH,

    Thanks for your interest in Live2D.

    I'm so afraid to say this but there is no information we can make clear so far about Cubism Editor3. However, there is no reason for you to hesitate to purchase the license. It's a kind of bargain in which you can get Cubism Editor2.1 and 3.0 in one time!


  • Hi @dai[email protected]
    Understandable, although I see no point why would I keep v2.x if I have 3.0 license aside of keeping legacy issues... but I know 3.0 will be a leap forward for Live2D experience :)

    Also may I ask if existing license owner will have free upgrade to 3.0 as well? If not then are they granted for upgrade discount?
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