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Join me, let's win the Live2D Creative Award 2016!

Hello! I'm CBeam, an intermediate user of Live2D and a game developer with a background in engineering.

I am currently leading the development of my game "Harem Protagonist" ( - but I'm fired up with ambition for this contest! I'd love to collaborate with other talented people and aim for the Grand Prix!

Inspired by Hideki Todo's concept in Alive2015 ( and his research, I have an idea to create convincing, dynamic lighting changes in Live2D. I'm open to other plans too, but my current path will be my lighting idea.

What I can contribute with:
-Understanding of light physics through an artistic and technological background
-Mathematical/programming knowledge
-Art, especially coloring

I am currently interested in getting in contact with other people so that we can combine our skills and create something really awesome! I will be available to actively work on this around May - June. Send me a private message!


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