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Marmalade Quick and Cubism SDK

Hello there! How do I actually include Cubism SDK to my Marmalade Quick project? I've tried updating cocos-2dx to 2.2.3 version but it doesn't seems to work correctly.

And the descriptions on the live 2d site are iffy. Could anyone help me to render live2d models in Marmalade Quick?

Seems like I ought to learn about very low-level openGL and Cubism SDK code but where should I start?
Is it somehow possible to use cocos2dx 2.1.0 beta3?
I'm really in panic right now


  • @jarezzz
    And the descriptions on the live 2d site are iffy.
    I'm sorry but that's currently unfortunately very, very true :'( . But this is being worked on.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but Marmalade Quick seems to expose a Lua interface. That would make it necessary to create a Lua wrapper for the Cubism SDK which should be not too complex but cumbersome. If you want to go that road, you could download the cocos-2dx Cubism SDK and check out the some samples first.

    Depending on what you want to do, Unity might also be an option. Did you already give Unity a try?
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