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Replacing Texture - not working/available


New here. I have been playing with live2d the past two days and finally getting hang of things (however I ran out trial, installed it a while ago..).

However, I have now run into an issue where the replace texture is not working! The options are completely greyed out and I have no idea how to get it to work.

I have two texture files, both coming from my imported psd file. The second one has new parts that I wish to import, which has been put into a new texture file. My free version only allows saving with one texture file so I wish to move the new parts to the first texture file(which has plenty of room).

Anyone have any advice on how I can fix this? Is there something I am supposed to click to get it to work? I have watched a youtube video on this earlier but couldn't figure out why it is not available on my side.

Thank you and I look forward to meeting everyone in the community :)


  • hello zeus :D
    i assume you can do the following:
    1- open photoshop and copy\paste the new parts into the original PSD file, and name it something like all_the_things.psd or whatever, just so you know it has everything
    2- go to Live2D Editor and create a new model by opening the PSD all_the_things.psd
    3- go to File > Apply template
    4- below the default templates (Chitose and Epsilon) there's a button to browse models from your folders, click that and go to your model with the two textures

    5- apply the template by clicking the button at the top: Apply Template Preview

    6- if it looks good click OK at the bottom, if not, you can right click each part from the left window (new model) and link it with the correct part on the right window (template).

    7- click OK and save the project with a new name all_parts.cmox or something

    theoretically, it should now work the same as the previous model but with only one texture.
  • @renoa wow!! Truly, thank you so much for such a detailed post. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but I believe this is a fantastic way to get past the issue that I have, genius! I appreciate it renoa :)
  • @renoa
    Wow, that's really cool!

    I confirmed this with one of the editor programmers: The free version doesn't allow multiple textures so you always need to make sure you import everything into one texture. You can also not import multiple psds. So as long as you're using the free version, renoa's approach is the way to go. Sorry.
  • @andi[email protected] gotcha! Looks like I will be investing into the indie pro version soon then ;) Thanks for the info!
  • @zeus
    Sorry that I wasn't of that much help...
  • @andi[email protected] no no! On the contrary, you helped save me many hours of frustration haha I didn't realize that the free version did not allow this function, so I really appreciate it Andi :)
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