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How can I make my model changing clothes/dressing up?

edited February 2016 in Help
Hi everyone, if I want my live2d character to be able to change clothes/ accessories (in a game/ Unity), do I have to create one moc file for each costume? For example, if there are 100 different clothes & accessories combinations, I’ll need to have 100 moc files?


  • Can anyone answer my question? Please help, thanks! :smile:
  • No. You can add more costume in your texture file. If you run out of space then add more texture is also an option(pro version only).
  • edited January 2016
    Hi, riverblade .

    You can switch the multiple of clothes from one of the moc file .
    For example , Hull of sample model has two of clothes .

    Live2D Manual - Sample Model Hull

    You can switch to control the part display and non-display from the program .
    ( Please also texture switching )

    If you want to switch a lot of clothes , I think that it may use the Avatar system .
    Avatar system requires a special license agreement only companies .

    Live2D Manual - Avatar system (standard)

    If you want to use an avatar system , please contact the Live2D Inc.
  • does anyone have a clue as too how this would work in webgl
  • Hi Naotaro, I like this method of 'texture switching' within moc file. But how does it work in Unity? How do i do 'texture switching' in Unity? (Sorry I'm a noob)

  • The API does not provide functionality for changing textures.
    I am sorry but I was mistaken. However, changing the texture isn't necessary.

    Please refer to the following on how to change clothing.
    I tried it out using the "Simple" project found in the Live2D Unity SDK.

    1) Export the .moc with clothing A as well as B being displayed.

    This is how it should look inside the Unity Inspector.

    2) Change the clothing using the following script.
    using UnityEngine;
    using System;
    using System.Collections;
    using live2d;
    public class SimpleModel : MonoBehaviour 
    	public TextAsset mocFile ;
    	public Texture2D[] textureFiles ;
    	private Live2DModelUnity live2DModel;
        private Matrix4x4 live2DCanvasPos;
    	void Start ()
            if (live2DModel != null) return;
            live2DModel = Live2DModelUnity.loadModel(mocFile.bytes);
            for (int i = 0; i < textureFiles.Length; i++)
                live2DModel.setTexture(i, textureFiles[i]);
            float modelWidth = live2DModel.getCanvasWidth();
            live2DCanvasPos = Matrix4x4.Ortho(0, modelWidth, modelWidth, 0, -50.0f, 50.0f);
            // init cloth
        void Update()
            if (live2DModel == null) return;
            live2DModel.setMatrix(transform.localToWorldMatrix * live2DCanvasPos);
            if (!Application.isPlaying)
            double t = (UtSystem.getUserTimeMSec() / 1000.0) * 2 * Math.PI;
            live2DModel.setParamFloat("PARAM_ANGLE_X", (float)(30 * Math.Sin(t / 3.0)));
            // Default No Display
            live2DModel.setPartsOpacity ("PARTS_01_ARM_L_B_001", 0.0f);
            live2DModel.setPartsOpacity ("PARTS_01_ARM_R_B_001", 0.0f);
            live2DModel.setPartsOpacity ("PARTS_01_ARM_L_B_002", 0.0f);
            live2DModel.setPartsOpacity ("PARTS_01_ARM_R_B_002", 0.0f);
    	void OnRenderObject()
            if (live2DModel == null) return;
        public void ChangeModel(int modelno)
            if(modelno == 0){
                // haru Model 1 Parts
                live2DModel.setPartsOpacity ("PARTS_01_BODY_001", 1.0f);
                live2DModel.setPartsOpacity ("PARTS_01_ARM_L_A_001", 1.0f);
                live2DModel.setPartsOpacity ("PARTS_01_ARM_R_A_001", 1.0f);
                // haru Model 2 Parts
                live2DModel.setPartsOpacity ("PARTS_01_BODY_002", 0.0f);
                live2DModel.setPartsOpacity ("PARTS_01_ARM_L_A_002", 0.0f);
                live2DModel.setPartsOpacity ("PARTS_01_ARM_R_A_002", 0.0f);
            }else if(modelno == 1)
                // haru Model 1 Parts
                live2DModel.setPartsOpacity ("PARTS_01_BODY_001", 0.0f);
                live2DModel.setPartsOpacity ("PARTS_01_ARM_L_A_001", 0.0f);
                live2DModel.setPartsOpacity ("PARTS_01_ARM_R_A_001", 0.0f);
                // haru Model 2 Parts
                live2DModel.setPartsOpacity ("PARTS_01_BODY_002", 1.0f);
                live2DModel.setPartsOpacity ("PARTS_01_ARM_L_A_002", 1.0f);
                live2DModel.setPartsOpacity ("PARTS_01_ARM_R_A_002", 1.0f);
    I hope this serves the purpose.
  • Yes, that is way to go .
    Let me know in case you encounter any further problems .
  • One more question.. Let's say I only want to change the design of my character's hat, or I only want to change my character's hairstyle, and the rest of her costume remains the same. Can this be done easily?

    Because this texture-switching method here:

    It seems like i will need to prepare many possible costume & accessories combinations + face & body in psd file and upload into live2d? Wouldn't it be easier if I just, for example, replace the old hat with new hat *directly* (if it can be done)? Sorry for this noob question :( :(

  • Well , I think that it is difficult .
    In that case , I recommend the avatar system .
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