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《Solved》 Limitations of Live2d (in terms of 3d space)

edited February 2016 in Archive
Live2d for now is not able to make transformation in a 360º space, rigth?

What is the "real" angle i can make a movement, for example, head rotation, i think is 90º (left or right rotation[like a 3/4 view, 45º to the left and 45º to the right in front view= 90º in total]), right?


  • Hi Alex, I think its about the "number" matters, you can rotate whatever you want and set the limit number.

    ie. I rotate the head around 23° but in parameter I put 360°, the rotation still 23° and vice versa, it doesn't matters.

    so basically the number doesn't control of movement itself, it just for indicate or give us the information. if you want to change those number, here: in parameters click set parameters, choose value you want to edit, and click edit, now you can set minimum maximum value, whatever you want.

    I hope this will answer your question.
    ☆Thank You.

  • TodTod
    edited April 2014
    Yes, as Forbesii clearly explains, parameter values are set by users. It doesn't have to represent real angles.

    Just for your reference, here is the rules some designers use:
    • For parameters that control the actual angle of objects (e.g. face turning, body turning), they set values that represent actual angles (usual b/w -20 ~ +20, or -30 ~ +30), because it's easy to set particular angle when it comes to animating in the Animator tool.
    • For parameters that control state of objects (e.g. eye open, curve), they use values b/w 0~1 or sometime 0~1.5, because it's easy to understand 1 as "fully open" state and 0 as "fully closed" and even 1.5 for "overly open".
    So you can set whatever values for each parameter that works best for you.

    And to answer alex_mx's comment, the angle limitation is determined by how your character is drawn. Live2D Cubism uses a single static illustration, so angle limitation is bound by how much that illustration can be deformed. So if your illustration is a character facing front, obviously you cannot deform it and to display back of the character.
  • edited April 2014
    thank you to both of you!!! I was thinking about to make more than 1 drawing in different views if I needed to make a full rotation of the character (like a circular travelling)
  • yes. we glad to help you, and good luck for your project alex_mx
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