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Replace textures for Photoshop imported textures..

I just tried live2d v2.0.
its awesome, especially the Photoshop import function.. i didnt try more in depth. but,

i got a doubt, how to perform replace textures for textured imported from photoshop...
is there a way to update the textures...

replace textures is a great tool, we can change details of a model later. or we can replace current with higher quality texture.

but when we import a photoshop file, the replace texture functionality is no longer relevent,
because its is hard to create a similar texture in photoshop. its not that hard, just lot of work... just have to export the texture, import into photoshop, arrange the new texture, save as png, and import back..

is there a way to easily replace/update the texture directly from Photoshop file.?

Thank you.


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