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Changing Models to Use in Cubism 2.0 Animator Free version *Mac*

Okay, I've wasted a good majority of the day messing around with Live 2D and brainstorming a scripit. Now that I have an idea of what i want to try to make, I want to know how to get past the "File cannot be saved over with textures over 2048p" thati get when i try to load a premade model(that were given from the cubism site of course) thing, if at all posible. From what I can assume, the files are too big, which would be understandable since they do spawn in pretty big (If you just import). I may be wrong though. What i'm wondering is, other then the 'simple' model, is it posible to import models like Izumi into the free version of cubisim?

Also, if anyone's curious, what i'm planing to make is a bit of a comidic short with 2 firends where one found an animation program but needs ideas on what to make, and the animation changed with their in video sugestions....Yeah, you get three guesses to how i thought of this one. If you can't think of an idea for somthing, have your idea be about thinking of an idea for something.


  • Hi Revian, one thing you can do is to use your Cubism Editor 2.0 in PRO version. When you first download it, you should be able to try out the PRO version free for 60 days.

    If you just need pre-maid models that can be opened with the FREE version other than the "simple", you can download FREE-compatible models of Miku, Epsilon, and Hibiki from the link below where labeled "FREE"

    Be advised that parameters of these models are in Japanese. We are preparing English version of these models and the entire user manual for v2.
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