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Running Live2dViewer on Windows 10

edited July 1 in Help
I'm trying to run Live2d on my computer and I'm having issues. I've downloaded the most recent version of Adobe Air but when I try to launch LIve2d my computer can't find the file needed to open it. I don't understand what else I need to do and I'd appreciate any help. I only want to open a few files and I'm not skilled with this stuff. Thanks.

Edit: I somehow found the way to open it.


  • Hi @biblo
    Can you post the screenshot?

    So, you opened the viewer and nothing happen?
    or did you tried to open the Live2D .moc file?
  • @FxaYuan
    Sorry for the delayed response.
    My issue was that I needed to go deeper into my files to find the correct Adobe Air installation. Once I found the correct file, Live2DViewer was able to install. For some reason, if I tried to do this with the Air installer without going deeper into the files it would give me an alert that the installer is damaged. Everything’s fine now though. Thanks for your comment!
  • Ah I see, great to hear that you fix the problem! :)
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