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How to hide the inner mouth

edited May 2018 in Help

I've been struggling to find a way to hide the inner mouth so that it does not bleed below the lower lip of this character. I was thinking of merging the inner mouth with the lower lip of this character but i'm currently using a gradient for the inner mouth I wouldn't wan't to eliminate the gradient. Anyone have some tips?


  • Hi Phiode,

    Nice drawing!
    have you tried using masking?
  • Thanks for the response FxaYuan! The masking function doesn't seem to work since I need the inner mouth to be behind the lower jaw. I'm looking for a function that would make the inner mouth disappear south of the lower jaw... Not sure if it's possible in this system, i'm going to move forward and combine the lower jaw with the inner mouth. If anyone finds a way to achieve the effect I described leave a message, i'm always open to learning more about this program!
  • Hi Phiode,

    If possible, Can you show the character in video or gif? and explain more which one the jaw and inner mouth? So we will have better visual of what you want to achieve.
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