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Is mtn files still supports in Cubism3?

I don't know which class is now responsible for animations in .mtn format. I saw in the test project that now they are created through the Animator component, so I want to know if they are supported, or can there is a converter for these animations in the Unity format


  • Hey,

    sorry for the late response. We had holidays here...

    Sorry, mtn files aren't supported. If you export animations with the Cubism 3.0 Editor, you'll end up with '*.motion3.json' files. If you drag them into Unity, they'll be automatically converted into AnimationClips and ready for use.

    Best regards,
  • Hi,

    Now Cubism 3 support mtn. file. By selecting "export as 2.1 format file (mtn)" in "motion data settings" mtn file will be exported.


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