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If you are willing to help us, we’d like you to make a registration for “Live2D Creators Circle” via the link below.
Designers, programmers, translators are especially welcomed so far.
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License Issues.

Looking over the forums I can see the staff here are very helpful. I'd like to start out with stating that your product does wonders for me, and is an amazing asset to creating ideas.

I've already sent out an inquiry for this via email but hoping I'll have a faster response here. I need to have my current license on file deactivated on my old computer so that I can use it on my new work computer. I would do this myself but my old computer is about 6500 miles away from where I am now and I have no access to it. The email I use for this forum account is the same as my actual store account if that helps any.

Please help me with this issue as soon as possible - I have a customer that needs something made and I need access to Cubism soon. Thanks!

- Gen


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