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Character customization

I'm considering using Live2d for my next unity project.
In order to let the user customize his avatar, is it possible to dynamically swap the color of a live2d texture (for hair and eye color)?


  • As in discrete values or kinda like continuous (hex values for example)?

    If its discrete, you can put them in as different pieces and have them appear/disappear with a parameter that controls alpha. If its continuous, I don't know, sorry.
  • @bouklett:
    Adding to what @CBeam said, if discrete, you could also swap out the textures without preparing parameters. That's the best you can do with the current SDK...
    However, the next major version of the SDK will use Unity's MeshRenderer for doing the rendering allowing you to more freely control how you want your stuff to be rendered.
  • edited July 2016
    I just had an Eureka moment, hehe. There IS a way to make continuous values!

    ...It's a bit weird though lol, but if you're in a hurry to make it before the new SDK comes out, it might help you:

    Make four layers, one with a Magneta version, a Yellow version, a Cyan version and a White version. The white version will be the base and always at 100%. By adjusting the alpha value of the other three versions by controlling a parameter (For example, Red_Eyes_Alpha_PARAM, which goes from 0 to 1 for alpha 0% to 100%) , you can mix the primary colors (by adjusting their transparency) to make all other colors!

    I hope it helped!

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