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[SDK] Can individual owners share finished projects with friends?

Hi I am interested in applying for the Individual owner's SDK, but I saw in the agreement that I'm not allowed to Publish anything or share any of my works, be it non-profit or otherwise. Does this mean that I can't make iOS apps for my friends? Taking it further, does this mean I can't upload my works to the internet for the public to use freely? I would just like some clarification as to how much Live2D will allow me to share my works. I have read the license agreement, but it seems a little strict, as it seems to say that I can only make apps for myself, and that any app sharing, be it personal or public, will be punished by monetary compensation and a revoking of my license :\

I promise that I'm not out to make money from this :) I just want to make apps for people other than myself, in addition to learning more about the SDK.


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