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Placement & Transparency feature does not work in Viewer

edited June 2014 in Archive
This is an issue we had.
To share with others, post it here.

============ Start =============

Issue >
When our animator makes position animation, it is not shown in Viewer and SDK playback.
I received a screenshot image from animator's PC. (Please see the attached file)

Even though animator set the position animation key, but it does not work, so character does not animate.
It does not mean Model is not shown in Viewer. We can see the Model in viewer, but it does not animate as we set.
The screenshot is what animator did, but those key does not affect anything.

Simply to say, "Position" parameters works in Animator, but does not work in Viewer.
The non-working feature is Placement & Transparency feature in the Animator.

Answer >
The Placement & Transparency feature in Animator only works in Animator. The changes you make with the Placement & Transparency feature will not be included in output mtn files, so it cannot be loaded on Viewer. The Placement & Transparency feature is not parameters. If you want to do position and transparency to be included in .mtn files, you need to make new parameters for position and transparency in Modeler and configure those parameters in Animator, which then will be included in .mtn.

Hope this helps.

============= End ==============
bug.png 26.7K


  • Thanks for sharing the answer! Yes, the Placement & Transparency features are great tools when making a video inside Animator.

    However, if you want to simulate those moves programmatically, you need to create corresponding parameters in Modeler so that parameter info will be carried inside .mtn files!
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