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Miku model doesn't appear in Unity

edited February 2016 in Archive
Hi, I followed instructions on "Creating a project using the sample" to creat a Unity project:

The sample Unity project worked just fine, but I couldn't get the Hatsune Miku model to appear for some reason. I tried writing a new .moc file, writing pose and expression data using Live2D viewer by myself, but no success...

I added '.bytes" at the end of the model file like miku2_model.moc.json.bytes

Any advise is much appreciated!


  • TodTod
    edited April 2014
    You don't need '.json' in the middle. Simply add '.bytes' to the .moc model file like "miku2_model.moc.bytes" and not "miku2_model.moc.json.bytes"

    Also note that you need to add 'bytes' directly to the file outside Unity, not inside Unity.

    So rename .moc by adding '.bytes' only and then load that xxx.moc.bytes file to Unity. The model should appear.

    This whole .bytes issue is not properly explained in the Documents, so I went ahead and put a request to the Documents team! Thanks for the question!
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